Cretel Food Equipment is always by your side, keeping your production downtime to a minimum with both preventative and reactive maintenance.


Preventative Maintenance



What is preventative maintenance?
Preventative maintenance (PM) aims to prolong the machine’s functional lifespan as long as possible before a breakdown occurs. This is done by proactively replacing parts known/engineered to wear out faster and by keeping tabs on the state of other components thus replacing them before failure or preemptively ordering spare parts for eventual replacement.

Some examples of preventative maintenance services provided by us:

  • Vacuum pump PM; involves checking of oil level, oil quality, oil mist filter condition. Replacement of filter and oil is done only if necessary.
  • Seals PM; involves checking for leaks or damaged seals and seal replacement. Seals are often high wear components and hence are replaced periodically.
  • Motor PM; involves checking the motor coil resistance, contactors for arcing damage, bearings, etc.

Reactive Maintenance



What is reactive maintenance?
Reactive maintenance refers to repairs done only after the machine has malfunctioned or ceased to function. Reactive maintenance does not signify the failure of preventative maintenance, it usually involves random failure modes such as circuit board component failure or water damage.

The bottleneck for completing such repairs is largely comprised of the time taken to obtain the necessary spare parts.

All spare parts are subject to availability. We are able to get spare parts sent out within the week from our principals, however customers who cannot afford downtime should consider a backup machine, stocking their own spare parts or purchasing spare parts to be kept with us.