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About Us

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Cretel Food Equipment was established in 1988, with Cretel NV Belgium partnership under Jerome Cretel and our leader Andrew Khoo. Cretel Food Equipment is widely known for the specialization in meat and fish skinning machines. But after our leader bought over Cretel, with his expertise and experience he expanded Cretel by partnering and distributing renowned and reputable brands of high quality processing machinery to our clients and provide excellent after-sales support. Cretel has expanded internationally over the years covering most of South East Asia market. Cretel serves a wide spectrum of clients from the meat processing, seafood  processing, vegetable processing and packaging sectors in the food industry market.

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Our Team Leader

Every success comes with a great leader, Mr Andrew Khoo, our leader known to be one of the most knowledgeable man in the food processing machinery industry. With his experience he is able to provide the most ideal solution for any client and with his quick ability to improvise technical modification for the machine on the spot helps him to gain a huge advantage and trust from his clients. He gains respect for his service and support over the years working with big food manufacturing market leaders helping them to further grow their business with the high quality machinery solutions provided to them.

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Our Team

Our experience team consists of mainly the service technicians, engineer, sales, operation manager, admin and logistic team. We provide 24/7 maintenance service when clients need our support. We will always be there to serve the clients to avoid downtime of machinery and to provide new solutions to further improve their process and growth.


Cretel aims to be the renowned leader in the food processing equipment industry; to serve
and support the food industry with bespoke turn key solutions and technical expertise.


To serve our clients with professionalism, expertise, and reliability.
To provide our clients with tailor made solutions for their manufacturing
To continually update and strengthen our core competencies.
To support our clients in their growth and endeavours.”


Our After Sales Service

Cretel not only supplies you with machinery but also provides efficient and fast after-sales service.

Our Machine Standards

Cretel focuses on always providing the best machinery standards from Europe and Asia.

One-stop Solution for Clients

Cretel is here to provide you the best one-stop solutions for new factory projects 

Cost & Effective Solutions

Cretel provides reasonable cost and effective machinery solutions 

Our Brands & Experience

Cretel has one of the most renowned brands in the market internationally and have 33 years of experience in this industry.