Can filling and seaming line

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Can filling and seaming line

HEMA Can filling, clinching and seaming line. (MV, SR-A/SR-V)

  • High speed automation for canned food production, 80 - 150 cans per minute.
  • No can - No fill. Ensures constant running with no issues even with upstream defects.
  • No can - No lid. Ensures constant running with no issues even with upstream defects.
  • Seam profile quality ensured by cam and counter cam
  • Robust mechanical parts running in oil bath
  • For round, oval, rectangular, square cans.


  • Automatic filling of cans, with vacuum or atmospheric seamers for meat, fish, vegetables and ready meals industries.
  • Seaming of round, square or rectangular cans at a speed of 80 to 150 cpm.

Machine specifications:

  • Average speed: 9600 c / h
  • Can dimensions:
    • Diameter  Min: 45mm Max: 155mm
    • Diagonal  Min: 45mm Max: 170mm
    • Height      Min: 20mm Max: 120mm
  • Optional:
    • Additional seaming head pre-equipped with size change
    • Tooling for seaming plastic containers
    • Special guarding
    • Pressure seaming version

Electrical requirements:
Three phase 415 V/ 50 Hz

Rated power consumption:
10 kW, 50 Hz

Air consumption:
0.5 Nm3 / h

Recommended vacuum pump size:
300 / 600 m3 / h

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