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DX-10BT Recycling water flow round blade sharpener

Mini blade sharpener for round blades and knives

  • Water is flowed across the surface of the whetstone automatically
  • Ease of use with fixed angle round blade holder for consistent perfect sharpening results
  • Suitable for DX-50 series, DX-100, DX-1000, DX-150 round blades
  • Can be used with kitchen knives as well

Efficient and controlled sharpening of round blades and knives

Machine specifications:

  • Whetstone grits:
    #1200, Finishing stone
    #80 / #100, Coarse stones
    #120, Medium stone
    (Machine comes stock with #1200 stone only)
  • Whetstone dimensions: ⌀125mm OD, ⌀70mm ID

Electrical requirements:
Single phase 230V/ 50Hz

Rated power consumption:
100W, 50Hz

Machine dimensions:
L x W x H (mm): 250 x 230 x 365
Weight: 5kg


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