Spiral freezer

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Hygiene Equipment

Self-Stacking Spiral freezer

Spiral freezing equipment

  • Self stacking belt: compact design enabling greater belt travel while maximising efficiency, eliminates conventional "christmas tree" buckling issue of conventional systems
  • Integrates with ease to your processing line
  • Chain-ball drive: along with self stacking belt, achieves a 95% reduction in sliding surfaces. enhanced food safety and efficiency of motion.
  • Vertical forced air flow: unique distribution of air ensures a gradual cooling and minimises frosting on products and belt
  • Auto-defrosting system: eliminate frost buildup on evaporator fins, maintains efficiency of the freezer, no frost related damages to fins
  • Clean-in-place system: complete cleaning system that defrosts, rinses, washes, disinfects and dries the freezer. consistent and thorough results
  • Stable and durable construction | Long life components | Excellent serviceability


Products that have been formed, coated and heat treated need to be preserved through chilling and freezing to maintain hygiene and quality.

  • Processed meat, poultry, fish
  • Bakery products
  • Ready to eat meals

Control system:
K series drums

  • Password protection to segregate operators from technical team
  • Control of speed/ temperature/ fans
  • Intuitive usage
  • One click activated clean in place process
  • Programs for easy switching between products
  • Ease of maintenance with comprehensive error logging and test features

Machine specifications:

  • Capacity: Customised to customer needs

Electrical requirements:
Three phase 415 V/ 50 Hz

Rated power consumption:
Depending on capacity

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