F200 Vacuum Stuffer

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F200 Vacuum Stuffer

Frey F200 Vacuum Stuffer

  • High quality stainless steel housing
  • Hygienic design with smooth contours
  • Ease of cleaning, only 5 parts to disassemble
  • F-LINE F200 with A and P and SA model see chart below
  • F-Line comes with servo motor which ensures the highest linking precision and speed
  • Powerful, compact, practical and conforming to CE- standard


  • For portioning, stuffing, linking of sausages
  • Precise robust feeding of downstream equipment such as canning lines, formers, thermoformers, etc
  • Many optional attachments are also available to expand the capabilities of the F200 vacuum stuffer


  • DHGA 330 or 380 (Length of sausage)
    Suitable for automatic filling of artificial, cellulose and collagen casings as well as natural casings.
    Casing caliber depending on filling tube 13-43 mm.
    Depends on customer preferences and product ranges.

Control system:
K series drums

  • TC733 touch screen
  • The ultimative stuffer control system with all variety of functions consists of an industrial personal computer with 733 MHz and an ergonomic touch screen panel of 12,0".
  • Fully programmable to give the best possible filling performance for every product
  • Powerful self diagnosing, service and maintenance system
  • TCP/IP network connectivity
  • With TC733 Touch screen customer has the ability to link up to KAS / BAS / AHL / CLB and many more attachments for more capability of producing more products.

Machine specifications:

  • Hopper capacity: 40/250 L divisible hopper (Option to get 300 litre hopper too)
  • Rotor wings: 14 (standard 14 wing set, different rotor sets on offer depending on specialised needs)
  • Maximum filling performace: 4200kg/h
  • Portioning range: 5 - 100,000 g
  • Maximum portioning speed: 600 portion/h
  • Maximum filling pressure: 40 bar
  • Can Equip Lifter 450 for 200 litre bins 

Electrical requirements:
Three phase 400V/ 50Hz

Rated power consumption:
12.0kW, 50Hz

Machine dimensions:



F100-F200 diagram 1F100-200 Diagram 2




Machine Option Chart

F60 options


The machine can also be factory-fitted with a hydraulic lift for 200-liter standard feed trolleys.
Pick-up rotated 90 degrees, trolley slide-in at the front.

F160 lifter options


Two options to choose above for customer preference

Weight: 930 kg


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