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Vegetable Processing Equipment

ACBM Basket Mill for vegetable wash lines

Auto basket mill

Stainless steel body, easy to use design, IP67, no spill design, seamless integration to washing line, hygienic, durable.

  • Automatically fills baskets to preset height.
  • Optical sensor detects full basket and automatically turns to the next position with an empty basket.
  • The full basket of vegetables can be placed in the centrifugal vegetable drying machine.
  • No spill design, vegetables that fall while basket is turning are trapped by a small hopper and pushed into the new empty basket.
  • Streamlines washing and drying process

Collection and portioning of washed vegetables

Machine specifications:

  • Capacity 4 baskets / minute
  • Fully stainless steel and food grade plastics

Electrical requirements:
Single phase 230V/ 50Hz

Rated power consumption:
1.1A, 50Hz

Machine dimensions:
L x W x H (mm): 1550 x 1400 x 1700
Weight: approx. 190kg


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