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Vegetable Processing Equipment

MSD-500-VAR Vegetable spin dryer

Vegetable spin dyer

Stainless steel body, auto-stop control, restart protection, motor protection, shock absorbers, stainless steel bearing housings, bright clear display screen , gentle start/stop

  • MSD-500-VAR is completely programmable. Programmable spinning speed, time, rotation and slow-start.
  • Vegetables are not exposed to heavy bumps or impacts.
  • Gentle release ensures maximum product quality


The MSD-500-VAR is utilized in many vegetable processing factories. The machine has a batch content of 8-10 kg (max. 21 litres).
It is equipped with a left/right centrifugal function as well as with a slow start/stop (for fragile leafs such as baby leaf); making it suitable for all kinds of vegetables.

Machine specifications:

  • Loading capacity - 21 litres maximum, batch weight 8-10kg
  • Hole size of the spin dryer basket is 7x11 mm. If you wish to process smaller particles, a nylon insert basket is recommended (600 micron)

Electrical requirements:
Three phase 400V/ 50Hz

Rated power consumption:
2.2kW, 50Hz

Machine dimensions:
L x W x H (mm): 620 x 940 x 930


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