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Vegetable Processing Equipment

VWM-5000 Vegetable washing machine

Vegetable washing machine

Stainless steel body, easy to use design, tooless dismantling, hygienic design, durable.

  • Suited for use with BCM-3000 cutter capacity
  • Intensive washing with powerful but gentle whirling water currents
  • Standard with flycatcher to remove insects and floating debris
  • Output clean shower and vibration sieve ensures cleanliness and reduces drying time 
  • Water filtration and recirculation reduces water consumption
  • Machine can also be used to mix vegetables, whirl and flow can be adjusted via valves.

Washing of vegetables
Mixing of vegetables

Machine specifications:

  • Capacity 2000kg/hr
  • Fully stainless steel and food grade plastics

Electrical requirements:
Three phase 415V/ 50Hz

Rated power consumption:
12.97KW, 50Hz

Machine dimensions:
L x W x H (mm): 5450 x 1800 x 2130
Weight: approx. 1300kg


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